Startup Consulting

The journey to launching and growing your business is full of unknowns, but you don’t have to face them alone. Grove86 is New York, US based Startup Business Consulting firm and we are here to help you, our expertise helps guide our partners through product design, development, delivery, and operation. We will walk with you through the entire process of transforming your idea into a fully functional business.

Grove86Why Startup Business Consulting?

Great startups have three foundational pillars — idea, commitment, and execution. A good idea isn’t enough — it can fail if the founder lacks either commitment or the necessary resources. Grove86 is the best startup consultant in New York, US we partner with startup leaders who are committed to growing a successful business. We provide our partners with resources to expand their technology and guide their marketing strategy. When the time comes, we also assist them in making the most of future funding rounds.

Too many startups invest fortunes on technology while neglecting marketing, support, and operations. We built Grove86 to share technological resources with startups at all stages. This lowers costs and accelerates their growth. We also provide the resources and expertise needed to build every other key area of their business. Over the years, we have developed many relationships within the startup and VC ecosystem. These valuable connections help our startup partners secure funds for their next season of growth.

If you’re committed to building your idea into a successful business, we could be the perfect partner. We only work with a small number of startups at once, ensuring we provide our partners with the resources they need to succeed.

To make sure your business and Grove86 are a match, we need to get to know each other. We will set up a time to talk about your business model and your goals for the functionality of your website, app, or other technology. Don’t worry, you don’t need any complex technical knowhow — that’s what we’re here for. If we both agree that Grove86 is the right solution to transform your business from idea to reality, we will send you a formal proposal and contract. This will contain a price estimate based on the complexity, scale, and details of your business needs.

We will go over your business model and your technology needs, including websites and apps. Then, we’ll provide an assessment of the resources and technology necessary to reach each of your goals. We take your budget as seriously as you do. Our team makes every effort to deliver a proposed cost and time estimate you’ll be comfortable with.




Your website or application will be many people’s first impression of your company and product. We build everything from websites, mobile and web applications, and UI/UX. These ensure your business looks its best online.

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Our dedicated full-stack development team prioritizes simplicity and functionality for your technology stack. We keep your costs low and your technology online. With experience in ecommerce, news, company websites, and more, our team can handle even the most complicated projects.

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Ongoing Technology Consulting

Your technology needs will grow with your business. We provide ongoing support and consulting. We also maintain your current technology and advise updates to solve new problems as you grow.

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Product Development

New demands require new products. We help you analyze and identify the needs of your customers and consult as per the need. Then, we develop products to fulfill them. We’ve built an analytical framework that’s helped many of our startup partners develop and launch new products specifically catered to their target market.

Business Model Roadmapping

Every business needs a model that generates revenue and growth. From market research to business model roadmapping, we account for every detail in your planning. Develop a thorough and healthy business model with a focus on long-term growth.


Pitch (research + presentation)

You shouldn’t have to worry about your pitch presentation during your funding rounds. Grove86 will help you prepare everything you need for a successful presentation to both investors and partners. From market and competitor research to a well-assembled pitch deck, we are ready to assist.

Investment strategy

Convincing investors to buy into your business takes more than just a great idea. You have only a few minutes to share the story of your business. You must capture the investor’s attention and interest. As your startup partner, we will work with you to build an investment strategy that will keep your business funded.

VC introductions

A personal connection is a great asset for funding your business. Through our years of working with startups, we’ve built strong relationships with angel investors and VC who we can connect you with as our startup partner.


Digital footprint

Selling your product and growing your business takes visibility and action. We help you establish a well-rounded digital footprint for your products. Our focus is on high-visibility markets like social media, organic search, and paid ads.

Search optimization

Marketing your business means growing your search rankings. Our SEO team has vast experience building our startup partners’ rankings. We often launch partners into the top three spots in Google’s search results for valuable, high-traffic keywords.We can be partners and walk through every steps rather than just being your business consultant.

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