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An Overview Of COVID 19 Impact On SEO : How To Benefit Your Businesses?


Nov 12, 2020
COVID 19 Impact On SEO

COVID 19 Impact On SEO

Industries around the world were affected due to the novel Coronavirus. The world transformed overnight, making digitization an essential factor for every business. Businesses today are striving globally and relying on virtual channels for marketing. SEO services today have become the need of the hour for the marketing needs of every business.

SEO plays a vital role in the success of any industry. During COVID 19 offline marketing channels became absolute. The high incoming data from health care and government organizations required efficient publishing channels. SEO is the key to target this crucial data to the right audience.

The ever-increasing usage of social media during the coronavirus pandemic also enhanced the value of SEO. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube received tremendous data searches. With the world population looking for important information and assistance online, channels like Google received good traffic. The responsible direction of data has become very prominent at such times.

Industry based up and down search trends:

SEO up-trends:

The trend up SEO searches during the coronavirus pandemic was populated with ‘local searches’ and targeted ‘near me.’ These trends involved local businesses dealing in daily essentials and pharmacies. The healthcare industry websites offering suggestions, preventive measures, symptoms, food, and medicinal requirements also gained search traffic.

News channels also gained significant traffic, while more and more publishers relied on their updates. The popular search terms involved the COVID number today or COVID patients near me.

Food recipe websites were also among the top trending searches. The local community-support store searches ranked high.

SEO down-trends:

Travel and recreation websites took a major downfall among search trends. The added restrictions on travel and leisure led to the downranking of such sites.

Group and communal activities like yoga, flea markets, and places like amusement parks and bowling alleys all went down on the search trends.

This article focuses on the impact of SEO on small and large-scale industries and the latest data trends:

COVID 19 Impact On SEO & search traffic:

Most SEO companies will suggest that SEO has gained high importance due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, a reputed SEO agency will stress that search engine traffic has always been prominent.

It is a common myth that high internet traffic means increased internet usage. Internet use also involves virtual meets, gaming, streaming movies and videos, money transfers, and the use of different mobile apps.

It is undeniable that internet search has been a prominent factor for all volume searches. These sources include news, health, streaming, and social media channels. What goes unnoticed is the declining traffic on websites offering non-entertainment and non-necessary services. Many of these industries are small scale businesses.

The decline in organic and paid traffic for these websites suggests that SEO varies for different industry types:

  • Essential service companies and organizations require SEO to surpass their competition. An experienced SEO agency will guide you to improve your search listings. This process involves targeting the right audiences, improving your content quality, and targeting the right keywords.
  • SEO can be a boon for struggling nonessential businesses as well. It can improve your business visibility and help generate regular revenues. Small and medium ventures often understate the importance of SEO services and rely on word of mouth marketing. The COVID situation has made search traffic important for SMBs as well.

Is SEO essential during the COVID 19 pandemic and post-pandemic times?

The increase and decline in search engine traffic highly rely on SEO. The following FAQs explain how SEO offers relief to global businesses during COVID 19.

Is COVID 19 the new evergreen search?

Although it may seem relevant and obvious, COVID 19 will never be the top search. The COVID 19 pandemic will have long-term effects on search and business trends. The evergreen customer queries and searches will be relevant in the long run. The statement does not mean that coronavirus is an underlying issue, but it will become absolute in the long run.

Are SEO takings persistent?

There are no immediate benefits to SEO. To gain the trust of your search engine, one needs to work on it consistently. It often takes months to benefit from your SEO efforts. The key is to continue the process.

Is content still the key to direct search traffic?

The popularity of trending topics fades with time. Once a trend goes off, the traffic also declines. Owing to the big brand websites, chances of your business content ranking among the top ten searches are comparatively low. An evergreen content involving niche topics can divert traffic gradually.

Uploading Coronavirus information was an ongoing activity during the pandemic. With fresh content populating the web every few minutes, the effect of the trendy content often lost its value.

The classic contents, given to their consistent nature, do not require a specific publishing time.

Is SEO all about generating traffic?

SEO is not all about traffic generation. The quality factor in SEO traffic generation often gets neglected. In the effort of keeping up with the trends, visitors looking for useful information on your website can go astray.

SEO aids in generating quality leads that can benefit businesses in the long run.

Is ‘Search’ the next big thing in SEO?

The ongoing coronavirus conditions have increased people’s dependency on search engines. The new generation highly relies on search engines for their day to day activities. The sudden peak in internet usage has made SEO more focused than ever before.

Is it possible to rank with SEO even during COVID 19?

The answer is yes. Despite the dominating COVID trends, there are still ways like the ones discussed below to rank higher.

  • Daily data analysis is essential to modify and redirect the SEO campaigns.
  • Focus more on customer service and enhance deliverability.
  • It is advisable to go back to the basics and reduce budgets accordingly.
  • Continue your regular SEO practices.
  • Understand the idea of online marketing.
  • Do not promote COVID 19.

Remember! SEO requires your time over financial investments.

SEO services are free! It requires a deeper understanding and investment of your time.

  • Target both pandemic trends as well as evergreen search terms are essential.
  • Improve content quality.
  • Carry out regular keyword ranking audits.
  • Update your performing articles regularly.
  • Rank your site in local listings.

It is essential to prioritize during the times of the ongoing Pandemic.

An SEO agency will help you understand the overall SEO process effectively  and how to tackle COVID 19 Impact On SEO. A successful SEO campaign can also help generate revenue. The key is to keep going and reap benefits in the future. SEO should be a prominent marketing strategy in the long run. To benefit your business with SEO, connect with an experienced SEO agency, and seek professional help.