What can we be at your design service?

  • UI/UX

    We design intuitive digital experiences to convert more users into customers.

  • Web Designing & Mobile Design

    We build beautiful and functional websites individually designed for your business goals.

  • Website Redesign

    We redesign and optimize websites to give you more traffic, new leads, and increased revenue.

  • Branding

    We design complete brand identity system. This makes your brand stronger and more recognizable.

Why choose us?

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    Adhering to website goals

    You know what to do and we know how to do it. Our experts will study all your product/service and we align your business goals with web design and UI/UX service which will help you with the better branding.

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    Tailor made your Website

    We have worked with clients from different industries which make us know how to make best use of web design and UI/UX with the respective website for customers to use. This is how we make all the tailor made solutions to your website’s problem. We make your website design wishlist come true.

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    Give each page a purpose

    If your brand has a purpose then your website and each page in the website should also have a purpose to serve. The innovative web design and UI/UX strategy gives out the pouporse to users to visit your website. Users like responsive websites and so Grove86 has the experts to fully understand your purpose to design the website.

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    Budget friendly

    It is always said that building a website is just the same as building a house which is important and expensive but don’t let this saying scare you. Grove86 a New York based agency provides web designing and UI/UX service in your budget.

Why is web Design important?

It sets the first impression

It is said that the first impression is the last impression and so when your audience or customers visit your website, they build some perception about the brand. They will judge your business on the basis of the website’s design and UI/UX. We always want to have a positive impression. If your website looks unappealing, your audience will immediately have a negative impression of your business. They won’t find your website appealing. You’ll miss out on customers and leads because they’ll leave your page. Web design and UI/UX is important because it impacts how your audience perceives and experiences your brand. Only a good impression can make the audience or the customers remain on your website. A good web design helps you keep and grow your leads on your page. It brings traffic on websites

Better branding

Users like the brand which fulfills their needs without any hassle.Just having the best product doesn’t make the brand well known, the brand should also make the customer’s experience the best and that’s how the best product/service and buying experience of the customer combined will make the branding better. Web designing and UI/UX itself do the branding by making the website easy to use for users.

SEO friendly

To rank your websites and to get more traffic you have to have your website SEO friendly designed. Whatever web designing and UI/UX strategy would be it has to be adhered with SEO rules to rank the website.

It builds trust within your audience

Poorly designed websites are not trustworthy and that gives bad impression and loss of customers. On the other hand, a professional site signals trust with your audience. They will trust your business and be loyal further. It’s important to build trust with your audience so they remain on your site.

Increases traffic on website

Users will definitely leave the poorly designed websites even if you are serving best instead the website is designed properly users will likely tend to buy your product/service and that is how web design & UI/UX will help you to increase the traffic on the website.

What separates Grove86 from other Web designing companies?

Innovation and experts team

We have worked with numerous and different industries and so we have gained a lot of experience working in different industries which helps us to be innovative and competitive towards our clients.

Timely delivery

Timely delivery is most important when it comes to the live websites. We believe in quality and timely delivery while working with web design and UI/UX. It’s tough to predict how long it will take to do web designing but we have launched projects earlier than planned and help reassure clients that they can trust our word.

Provide more than the tailor made solutions

We have industry experts working for our clients. We not just provide our customers with tailor made web design solutions but also make sure to do competitive analysis with the respective competitors of clients so that we can always come up with a different and unique approach for clients to their customers.

Cost effective

Web designing and UI/UX is important because it always impacts how the users perceive our brand and so web designing and UI/UX is important to be done in a cost effective way. Grove86 is the most cost effective web designing and UI/UX agency in New York.


What will be the process and how long will it take for the website to be fully designed?

As a leading Web Design agency in New York, we value your timelines and strictly adhere to them. On average, we require six to seven weeks to develop a fully functional website based on information availability. Our custom website design process involves collecting information from you and understanding your requirements. We also send you a set of questionnaires and offer you the best quote in the market. Further steps include research, conceptualization, and mockup design. Once you provide inputs about the mockup, the designing process continues with the last steps involving testing and Google Analytics.

How much does a fully designed website cost me?

Website costs vary based on individual requirements and website applications. As a top website design company, we will offer you the best quote in the market based on your needs. As a reputed Ui/UX design agency, we design websites for both startups and big labels. However, our pricing is standard irrespective of your company size. Design experts at Grove86 will understand your requirements and will offer you the best quote post-assessment.

Once my website is complete what after sales offer do you provide?

Grove 86 is a website design company that believes in providing the best service to our clients. It also includes post-design support. Even after your website is delivered, we are available to answer your questions or fix issues. However, if you require any additional major design changes, they will be charged accordingly.

Will my design be search engine friendly?

Yes. As a renowned Ui/UX design firm in New Jersey, we follow the best website design practices, which also involve adhering to Google’s policies. Our responsive web designs are developed as per your target audience, and keep in mind future expansion scope for your business. All websites designed at Grove86 adhere to Google’s recommended practices.

5. Does my website need a redesign?

Website redesigning depends on your website’s current condition, your aims, and your redesign requirements. A website requires up-gradation after a certain time, as an outdated website might hinder your business output. Web design experts at Grove 86, a well-known web design company in New Jersey, access your website and suggest whether your business requires website redesign and essential changes. A website redesign can involve up-gradation of the CMS systems, mobile web functionality, or the addition of products and services.

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