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Creating Successful Content Marketing Competencies to Survive Post-COVID


Jun 4, 2021
Content Marketing

COVID-19 transformed the way the world functions. As social distancing became the new normal, switching to virtual channels became essential. The pandemic changed the way people shopped. It even forced those who dislike online shopping to adapt to online options.

Why does content matter?

What should brands do to sustain their business productivity? The answer is quite simple: value your customer by providing effective content. As per Kantar’s global survey, consumers appreciate tasteful content that matches the current reality. Almost 77% of respondents would like to know ‘how your brand makes a difference to the new everyday life.’.

A local SEO agency like Grove86 understands how to make your customers feel valued through effective content. Content marketing is a long-term process centered on the customer.

Comprehensive content marketing strategies help you stay on top of current trends and continue making profits. These strategies will be beneficial even in the post-COVID world. The following suggestions will help you generate effective content marketing competencies. .

1. Identify and define your business priorities and goals

Business owners cannot let their goals out of sight. It is important to define these goals and adjust them as and when needed. This will help you achieve your priorities and goals in the long term. Reputed local SEO services help you determine your targets and make them more specific to measure progress.

You can consider the following questions while defining your business goals:

    • Do these goals match your company’s long-term vision?
    • When do you want to achieve your targets?
    • What steps should you take to reach those targets?
    • Which outcomes do you wish to pursue or avoid?

Answers to the above questions help you analyze your current situation and realize your vision through careful mapping.

2. Develop strategies that can help you in the long run

A local SEO agency can help you develop new marketing strategies to achieve your business goals and design new campaigns. An individual plan is needed for every campaign. The key elements of this approach include:

      • 1. Monitoring and tracking progress on your goals
      • Exploring useful market research to identify your target customer base
      • Understanding competitor models and trying out unique ideas

Although creating a new strategy for every single campaign might seem overwhelming and requires more time, it will give better results in the long run. A local SEO company can generate successful campaigns with knowledge of current trends and customer priorities.

3. Content is the key

Sharing meaningful and appropriate content during and after the COVID-19 crisis will increase your brand value. Therefore, your audience should easily connect with your content.

If you are looking for tips to create content that will generate potential ROI in the post-COVID future, try out the following:

  • Explore the user-generated content space – User content generation is the current trend. Recognize the interests of your target audience base and create engaging discussion by generating topics, understanding challenges, and offering solutions.
  • Infotainment is the new normal – With the ongoing pandemic, people crave more and more information. Create content that offers potential insights and helpful information to build a dedicated audience.
  • Generate audiovisual content – Engaging content will draw attention to your brand and create an impression. Audiovisual content like an image, a video, or a picture message can keep viewers on your page for a longer time. These low-cost solutions can make your content interesting and encourage the audience to come back for more.

4. Get the SEO advantage

Even if you share generic informational content, you should still use SEO best practices. Local SEO can make your content discoverable and widen your reach.

A results-driven local SEO agency like Grove86 combines SEO practices like keyword optimization with tools like Google AdWords to ensure higher page ranking. These practices can prove beneficial in the post-pandemic world as well.

5. Effective use of omnichannel platforms like social media

Customer presence has only increased on omnichannel platforms like social media. Today’s customers follow brands beyond emails and SMS.

Social media platforms can be a great tool to offer your brand insights and convey your social initiatives to your audience. Create relevant and sympathetic content that can instill positivity in your audience.

Connecting with your audience through Instagram and Facebook direct messages and comments also helps develop a loyal base for the post-pandemic world.

With the effective use of social media, you can:

  • Connect emotionally with your audience
  • Invite potential customers to join you on your brand’s journey
  • Create a trustworthy and promising brand identity

6. Create a transparent space

Convey the truth while communicating with your audience. While the world struggles with COVID-19, emphasizing reality will justify your brand’s value. A transparent space can also ensure a loyal customer base. This might not happen immediately, but taking small steps every day can gradually build your customers’ trust.

This trust-building process can even yield results before the end of the pandemic. Relatable content, like a video capturing the reality of working from home, establishes a lasting connection between you and your audience. This may also lead to more positive reviews.

Human interactions with your audience, like live chats, give a face to your brand. These tactics can also contribute to the organic growth of your business. Creating content about your pandemic work goals in the form of pictures or videos offers a personal touch and helps keep your brand content trending in the post-pandemic world.

Bottom line: Content Marketing is here to stay!

Creating successful content marketing competencies requires multiple steps, and you are bound to make mistakes. However, the key is consistency and persistence. A local SEO agency will help you develop innovative strategies to fulfill your goals.

B2B and B2C sales are bound to change drastically in the future. As digital selling spaces keep changing, your investments in web assets will continually benefit your company. Even after the pandemic, content marketing will require investment to thrive in the post-pandemic era.

Grove86 is a U.S.-based SEO agency specializing in local SEO services that place your brand on the map. Reach out to us today to get started with your content marketing.