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How can UX design help to improve the sales and conversions of business?


Oct 18, 2021
UX design

UX or user experience is a significant part of an effective sales and conversion strategy. Most clients often question a Ui/UX design agency about their correlation. The simple answer is that almost everything about UX relates to conversions. Ultimate user experience is the end goal of any design strategy. It must make the user happy. It can involve a user lingering on your social media, always looking for something more, or reaching your website to purchase stuff.

When a user lands on a website, it generates two prominent opinions depending on their experience-  

  • Do they like your product or service? 
  • Would they like to recommend your service? 

These factors ultimately determine whether people will react as per our expectations- Conversions!

Today, UX has become a buzzword in the world of website design and development. Most website design agencies optimize their websites to ensure a seamless user experience. This process, however, takes time and investment and does not always assure a leap in lead generation and sales. 

With UX, one creates a framework to make the product look good and build a pipeline for sales. It is essential to understand the basics of UX before dwelling on the correlation between UX and sales.


What is UX Design?

UX (User Experience) design involves the use of design to launch products. It provides a significant and engaging experience to the product users. 

One must also note that UI (user interface) and UX are not the same. For instance, the appearance of a vehicle, its components make up the UI, while the driving experience is UX. 

It means that the interface is part of the experience- an impressive vehicle design does not guarantee a good experience rather a part of the overall experience.

Similarly, visual appearance is essential for websites. However, it is just one part of the process. An impressive website creates a first lasting impression. 

If it provides a terrible user experience – users are stuck on certain pages, lost on the complicated web layout, vague content, and errors- this contributes to the poor experience despite a good design.

User experience is subjective and personal and highly dependent on personal choices, mood, former encounters, and other factors.

When executed accurately, UX has the potential to skyrocket the lead generation and sales one desires. A website design that does not center around the user is tumbling down the rabbit hole!


How does UX Designing improve sales and conversions?

After understanding UX and UI in detail, it is essential to understand how UX design can influence sales and conversions. Imagine a product of your choice. Now think about why it is your favorite. You will come across all the benefits you receive from the product or the service. Everything you wished for is right there! 

UX works to create this order and efficiency. It is not just limited to online channels or products and applicable to everything around you. Big brands invest millions to create an effective UX strategy that makes them stand out in the market and grab user attention, thereby skyrocketing their sales.

However, it does not mean small companies do not need to emphasize UX design or invest heavily. A UI/UX Design company like Gorve86 can create an effective UX design that assures leads and conversions. 


UX imparts the many standout features to your website. Here’s all that it has to offer: 

  • Usefulness

Determines your website’s usefulness and creates a seamless user experience. It makes your website or product more effective and beneficial.

  • Usability

It makes your website easy to use by removing unnecessary complications and confusion. 

  • Desirability

A Ui/UX design agency improves your product efficiency. It recognizes the value and effect of strong imagery, brand identity, and other elements contributing to the emotional factor of UX design.

  • Accessibility

The internet is all about being located. UX ensures seamless site navigation. It also guarantees your site is locatable, and users can easily recognize you on the web.

  • Credibility

In the era of the internet, credibility holds a lot of power. It can make or break your product. Thus, a Ui/UX design firm needs to design website elements that build user trust and loyalty.

  • Value

Every website needs to impart value to the user. It is applicable even for non-profits who need user support to expand their missions. In the case of for-profit organizations, UX aids in enhancing customer support and satisfaction.

Here’s how a Ui/UX design firm can feature a good experience through UX design-


Top UX designers follow these steps to ensure a solid user experience-

  • Spot the common links among all users– Designers need to analyze how users think and view the websites. They should recognize which element excites them and take steps to improve those factors. Improve readability, credibility, and other factors. 
  • Understand the distinct characters of your product usersUi/UX design services analyze how your target audience is different and what might impress them. They study the purpose of the user accessing your site and how users publicize your product. All these factors are a part of domain knowledge.
  • Be considerate towards your audience- It is always essential to analyze your product from the user’s perspective. Once you know what the user expects, designers can place themselves in their users’ place and make an effective UX design strategy.


Now that we have established the importance of UX design, one can consult a Ui/UX design agency and improve conversions and sales. A service provider can collaborate with the agency.

  • Talk with the Ui/UX design company and discuss your goals and strategies to improve user experience.
  • Analyze your website or product from a user perspective and discuss ideas for improvement.
  • Decide the timeline and budget for implementing the end result strategy and decide whether a single component makeover is better at the current stage.


User experience matters!

Everyone in business would state user experience is often subjective and based on feelings. Everyone thinks differently, and thus overall user experience is dependent on multiple factors. Basic things like personal choices, social and economic situations, even their emotions can impact your product.

Therefore, it is essential to create responsive web design that solve problems and not just look pretty. 


Measuring how effective is your user experience

User experience revolves around achieving business targets. The prime objective is measuring the conversion rate. Check if the changes in UX designs reduce or boost conversions. Conversions can be signups, purchases, quotes, logins, and more.



A seamless user experience creates potential outcomes. However, it is also essential to note that UX design is also risky. It is not just limited to UX designers. Companies need to pay attention to this factor similar to focusing on their revenue strategies or strengthening brand image. It determines the success of your brand.

Therefore, selecting an efficient Ui/UX design company like Grove86 is essential. Their Ui/UX design services involve extensive research and discussing your user experience aims at each step.