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Ways to optimize the user experience of your e-Commerce website


Sep 6, 2022
user experience of ecommerce website


E-Commerce is extremely competitive. To be in that business, you must give customers what they want. The more accessible you make your e-commerce website, the more they will visit and return to the website.

Online websites should always provide smooth and easy shopping to their customers. There are some ways to make your customer experience easy.


Easy navigation

A disorganized site with poor navigation can confuse people and might make them leave the sight. This will make you lose up to 40% of customers due to poor navigation.

Adding breadcrumbs and proper navigation can help the user explore all the options you provide on your website.


Mobile optimization

Most e-commerce businesses have apps and mobile-friendly websites. Around 60% of the users search on mobile and also Google’s crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have now utilized the mobile friendly page to rank you for mobile-initiated searches. So that online business should be 100% mobile responsive.


Upgrade hosting

 The quality of the hosting server affects the load time of websites. Having cheap hosting may seem profitable, but it will cost you a lot in years to come. 

Spending more money on high-performing websites will save you from experiencing downtime in peak traffic. The purpose of this is to increase the performance of your online store in the face of high traffic. So,have a quality hosting provider by spending little more money on hosting.


Details of products

Individual product pages must have individual product details. Having an accurate product description helps the customer know more about the product, which will increase purchasing of the product. This includes images( 5 to 6 images so the customer will get a brief idea), description of the product( length, size, etc.), delivery charges, answering the most asked questions, and so on. You should also add product availability, size chart, and color options too)



60% of the users would likely buy products with reviews. Good customer reviews help customers gain the customer’s trust and buy the product. 


 Loading speed

The biggest reason people prefer online shopping is that they can buy things without waiting in a queue and don’t have to go shopping.

A slow loading website will likely drive most visitors to leave your online store and might never return. In fact, 60% of people leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load the page.


Solve all broken pages and 404 pages

There is nothing worse than a broken link or a 404 page on your site for you or your visitors. As you add and remove products in online stores, you are bound to encounter broken links and 404 pages.


There are many reasons for having 404 pages:

  • broken redirects
  • removing the pages
  • Migrating the whole site

All these reasons can impact the user experience negatively and affect the site’s SEO.

You can prevent this by continuously monitoring the web pages and acting efficiently if any error occurs. This will help to reduce the loss of traffic and conversions.


Provide various payment options

When your online store does not accept payments, it can be frustrating for customers. You may lose valuable customers as a result of this lack of payment options.

It would be best if you optimized your payment option because of the increased payment methods.


Reward and offers

Providing rewards and offers for the action performed will encourage the customer to repeat it repeatedly. That’s how the human mind works.

Giving rewards points, gift coupons, offers, discounts, and gift cards will positively affirm the customer and make them visit your website again and again. Most major online stores let their customers earn rewards for signing up, shopping, and referring friends.

Using a reward system to enhance eCommerce UX is a good idea. Customer loyalty will be built, brand awareness will be created, and new buyers will be attracted to your online store.


Take advantage of social media. 

Social media is one of the best ways to connect with the audience. Being active on multiple social media platforms helps to gain customers’ trust.

Customer reviews enable them to connect with one another. Most purchase products based on a recommendation from people through social media referrals. Reviews help visitors develop trust in your brand, clear doubts, and create a better UX.



Engaging people is all about enhancing their experience. Other aspects such as functionality, website speed, efficiency, visual aesthetics, simplicity, and accessibility are equally important as UX.