Web Development

Your website is the average person's first exposure to your business. A well-built website turns a visitor
into a customer in only a few simple steps. Grove86 creates websites custom-fit for each business.
Experienced in web design and development, our team maps out the needs of your website. Then, we
deliver a polished and functional final product.

Our focus is always on your business’ success. Before ever touching our keyboards, we work with you to
nail down exactly how your website will function within your complete business plan. After building your
website, we’ll test every element thoroughly and implement your feedback so the final product is the
perfect match for your business.

What can we be at your service?

  • Strategic Consulting

    Talk to us before you invest in building or re-architecting your website. Our strategic consulting service looks at your
    existing website and builds a detailed plan for improving your online presence.

    Our goal is not to deliver quick fixes or one-time solutions. Instead, we help you create a development plan with your
    long-term success in mind. Discover where you are already excelling and where you can improve to continue to grow
    your business.

    • Technology Review
    • Business Model Analysis
    • Product Development
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Operation
  • Custom Development

    Every business has its own unique web technology needs — yours included! Custom web development is a flexible solution for building a website that perfectly fits your brand, products, and services across all platforms. We build websites holistically, combining front-end, back-end and architecture expertise with new web development approaches to create a website that suits your business needs.

    • Requirement & Scoping
    • Architecture Design & Planning
    • Front-end Design
    • Back-end Development
    • Contents Management System
  • Responsive Website

    A well-built website creates a consistent and easy experience for your visitors. With over 60% of all browsing sessions happening on mobile devices, building a website that performs well on smartphones, desktops and any screen in between is essential for your online success. Our responsive websites adapt to the user’s screen size — enhancing their experience, converting more visitors to customers and growing your business.

    • Responsive Website Design
    • Enhance UI/UX
    • Front-end Development Package (HTML & CSS)
    • Multiple Devices & Cross Browser Validation
  • ECommerce Development

    As your ecommerce business grows, your website needs will grow more complex. You need a website that can handle every aspect of ecommerce operations, from sales tracking to user experience and SEO. A website that is difficult to navigate or functions poorly will only make your customers frustrated, resulting in abandoned carts, high bounce rates, and low sales. We offer a full suite of ecommerce development and design services to ensure your website is a tool — not an obstacle — for growing your business.

    • Scalable, Cost-effective Solution
    • Website design
    • Custom software development
    • SEO Optimization
  • Software Development

    Your business might need custom technology that goes beyond your average website, but don’t worry — we are no stranger to complex software development. Our team of expert developers has built a state-of-the-art technology trading platform used by global investment banks, high-volume market data systems, a search engine, and an auction engine to name a few examples. No matter what software your business needs, we can bring it to life.

    • Requirement Analysis
    • System Architecture Design
    • Software Design and API
    • Code Maintenance
    • Integration
  • Third Party Integration & Customization

    You may often need a third-party software to deliver features and functionalities that fit your business requirements. We explore ways to integrate third-party API seamlessly into your platform, helping you operate at full capacity. Here are a few third-party APIs that we have experience integrating:

    • Email Subscription
    • Live Video & Audio
    • Google Apps & Analytics
    • Social Media APIs
    • Payment APIs
    • Shipping APIs
  • Content Management System

    Because every business is unique, finding the perfect content management system for your business can be difficult. If you find content publishing and management frustrating, you should take a look at your CMS. We offer a wide range of services to streamline content management— from a simple audit of your current CMS to workflow recommendations to a custom-built CMS.

    • Requirement Analysis
    • CMS UI/UX Design for CMS
    • 3rd party software integration
    • Free Plug-in integration
    • Custom CMS development
  • Page Speed Optimization

    Page speed is one of the most overlooked factors in web development. Visitors to your website won’t sit around waiting for a slow page to load. Instead, they'll grow impatient and leave your site. This increases your bounce rate while lowering conversions - both qualities that hurt your search rankings and bottom line. Regardless of which platform your site runs on, we can deep dive into your site, identify slow points and optimize your page loading speeds for better performance and retention.

    • Full Page Speed Analysis
    • Page Caching and/or Cache Preloading
    • Static File Compression
    • Dedicated Image Server
    • Image on Request
    • Backend Functional Logic Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization

    Boosting your organic search traffic is one of the best ways to grow your business. Our SEO services focus on driving qualified traffic to your site that converts clicks to cash. We build an SEO strategy that includes on-page, off-page and technical SEO optimization, influencer marketing, and audience targeting. Whether you are building a new website or improving your existing one, we will help you grow your qualified organic traffic through our SEO services.

    • Monthly SEO Audit & Reports
    • On-page SEO
    • Backlink Generation
    • Pageview Target (Influencer Marketing)
    • Social Media Optimization
    • Local SEO
  • Website Maintenance

    We won’t build your website then leave you on your own to maintain it. We offer an affordable full-stack development team to meet your technical needs while maintaining and improving your website. Hiring your full-time developer can be costly, especially considering you’ll rarely need their expertise for 40 hours a week every week of the year. Instead, our full-stack tech team is available to you anytime you need them at a much more affordable cost than a full-time developer.

    • Essential Support Team Plan
    • Dedicated Dev Team
    • Core Dev Team