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Top Trends in Web Development Technologies for 2022


Dec 29, 2021
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Technological innovation continues to evolve according to the requirements of the times as humans find new ways to do things faster and with more flair than before. It is hard to find any other field which features as much innovation as web development. Website developers are always striving to discover new technologies to create more dynamic, interactive, and fast websites. 

The web development technologies for 2022 present business owners with many opportunities to engage with their customers and clients. Hence, it’s critical for businesses to anticipate the changes so that they can adapt to them and remain competitive in an ever-increasing market. The last thing you want is to find your visitors leave your website because it is outdated or fails to meet basic web standards when they arrive.

The recent trends in web development will continue in keeping with the needs of the user and their preferences. However, we will likely see new developments within familiar markets and technologies, especially once they become mainstream. 

Listed below are the top web development trends in 2022 that can shape the future of website development. Let’s examine each trend and its potential applications.


Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Progressive web applications have been around for the past few years but it’s going to remain the more persistent trend in 2022 and beyond. To put it simply, a PWA is a web application that makes viewing websites on a mobile device or laptop possible with an almost native mobile app experience without installing apps or computer programs.  A major feature of PWA is to allow users to work with less or no internet connectivity. 

Here are some of the advantages that PWAs bring to users and businesses:

  • Reduced development and support costs (developers won’t need to create native apps for every device)
  • Quick loading time
  • Offline usage
  • Quicker launch 
  • Easier distribution
  • Better engagement and conversion
  • Saving device power and storage
  • Seamless maintenance and updating

PWA automatically supports digital marketing as it has the facility of push notification. Using the PWA platform, you can send promotional messages to the consumers without them having to download an additional app.  PWA is ideally suited for companies with low development budgets, e-stores, as well as news platforms. 


Artificial Intelligence and Bots

Artificial intelligence has been making its way into our digital lives for quite some time, but in many areas it offers or it can offer applications in web development such as chatbots, search, customer experience personalization, etc.

AI-influenced chatbots are currently very much trending in web development services. In the coming years, bots are expected to become more self-learning and be able to match users’ needs and behavior better. That means the use of chatbots will literally eliminate the need for a 24/7 support manager as bots offer 24/7 problem-solving capability and consumer behavior analysis. And using natural language processing in enhancing the way chatbots communicate makes them less distinguishable from humans, increasing customer experience.  Lots of businesses work internationally and they operate in different time zones. AI chatbots remain the best medium for these enterprises to provide easy and effective customer service to customers 24/7 through text or voice chats. 


Voice Search

The increasing uses of digital voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home are ample proof that voice recognition technology will be the future of the web that we can’t ignore.  The reason for the growth of this trend is the easy access of tools to implement this feature in web development that was not available before. This technology will be especially helpful for people with hearing and sight impairments to browse their favorite websites. 

Global estimate of the Voice Assistants market is estimated to be 8 billion units by 2023 . Currently, businesses, especially eCommerce sites with lots of users searching their products online are making use of the voice search features. If you are successful in integrating the technology into your business site, you will surely nail your competitors. 


Here are 3 trends that will still affect web development in the future

Although you may be looking for new trends in web development to implement into your application, it’s imperative to keep certain older things that are sometimes neglected. 


It goes without saying that data security should always remain a trend. We know that many companies have been hacked, ransomed, or were inattentive to their access policies and security practices. These Cybercriminals monitor the Internet 24 hours a day for security vulnerabilities and breaches using sophisticated tools. The best thing to stop hacking your site is to include appropriate security practices as well such as data encryption, distributed processing, validating input, access control, event logging, penetration testing, and so on.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages is one of the newest technologies being developed for web development. The purpose is to improve page performance and decrease the likelihood of a user leaving the page. AMP is a bit similar to PWA, the difference lies in the new, open-source plugin developed by Twitter and Google that effectively accelerates the pages. The optimized pages operate quickly, have a convenient design, and offer a simplified list of features compared to full-featured web applications. In addition to being mobile-friendly, these pages display readable content at all times. 


WebAssembly is considered the most significant new technological trend for 2022.  Simply put, WebAssembly allows executing code from low-level assembly-like language to run in web browsers and deliver a near-native experience. A trading app, game, image editor, or physics engine that is written in different language codes such as C/C++/Rust/Java/C#/Java/Kotlin can be run in a web app in a short time. Unlike some other trends, WebAssembly is here to stay.  



Given the swift advancement that is taking place in the web industry, the web development trends in 2022 will greatly expedite the transformation in the way businesses interact with their customers. Integrating these emerging technologies in web development into websites can keep businesses stay at par with the market competition. 

However, to stay one step ahead in the competition, you need the services of skilled software developers when designing new products or services or else, to make optimal changes to existing sites to take advantage of these new tools technologies, and trends perfectly. 

If you require web design and development services for your new or existing website to harness all these web development trends as well as to optimize expenses for the services, don’t hesitate to contact Grove86.


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